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What Women’s & Children’s Resale Franchises know that Independents don’t?

One thing they know is that buying outright can be more profitable than consignment as evidenced by the fact that all support the buy-outright model.  Another thing they know is that smart buying is the key to success as evidenced by the fact that all feature automated buying and pricing apps.

NextGen was founded as an alternative to the franchises.  The cost of its pricing app is a small fraction of what the Franchises charge, owners aren’t locked into a long-term contract, and it supports consignment as well as buy-outright operations, ,   Having escaped the franchise world after decades of bondage, NextGen is committed to helping owners remain free and independent.

Toward this end, in addition to its pricing apps, Nextgen is offering its complementary Women’s and Children’s Buying Guides for free.

How to use Square for Consignment & Resale

Item information (brands, descriptions, prices, and sizes) along with consignor contact information is exported from NextGen’s  Square Buying Portal and imported  into Square.  Item sales and related consignor and seller costs/payments (cash or trade) are then managed within Square.

The Item information may also imported into Dymo for tag printing purposes.