resale and consignment software

Square Consignment & Resale POS System

At last.  An elegant & inexpensive tool that allows Square to work for Consignment and resale stores: the Square Buying Portal.

Square is the most comprehensive free Point of Sale System in the U.S. and Canada with over 2 million businesses using it to manage and sell retail inventory online and off.  NextGen’s Pricing Tools are the most widely used by independent resale and consignment businesses, online and off, in the U.S. and Canada.

Marrying the two through the Square Buying Portal has given birth to the most cost effective resale point of sale system in North America.  Square users are now able to acquire women’s, children’s and men’s resale and consignment items swiftly, at the right price and at an ultra-low administrative cost.

How to use Square for Consignment & Resale

Item information (brands, descriptions, prices, and sizes) along with consignor contact information is exported from NextGen’s  Square Buying Portal and imported  into Square.  Item sales and related consignor and seller costs/payments (cash or trade) are then managed within Square.

The Item information may also imported into Dymo for tag printing purposes.