NextGen Resale Systems LLC began as an affordable, owner-friendly alternative to resale franchising.  Safer than striking out alone, clients have access to comprehensive and in-depth know-how not available to the solo store owner.  NextGen provides support, know-how, point of sale systems and web services to owners of children’s resale businesses.  Since that time, NextGen has grown to serve existing owners as well as new, and has grown the Pricing System to include juniors and more recently women’s fashion

My aim, and that of my NextGen colleagues, is to offer the  resale community:

  • Know-how that can only be learned in the doing.  It is why we make a practice of employing and partnering with experienced owners in everything we do.
  • Advanced web-enabled systems to improve buying, pricing, marketing and operations management.

Recent history

Early last year, a particularly successful Women’s Consignment Boutique looking to expand operations, went searching for a pricing application that could generate suggested prices by modeling its current pricing practices and that could be readily employed by less-experienced staff in its new locations.  Failing to find an existing application, they searched for a developer.  Through ResaleWorld, they learned of NextGenResale.  NextGen agreed to develop the pricing system .

In order to reflect the full range of women’s fashion resale, the inventory and sales data upon which the system is built comes from multiple stores in different parts of the country in recent years.  Because of the ever-changing nature of the women’s fashion industry: brands coming and going, rising and falling–and prices with them–the system has a real-time, online pricing component.  For times’ sake, the application is a seamless part of ResaleWorld’s Liberty 4 point of sale (POS) system.

Making History

NextGen is already at work on a pricing system for men’s fashion, and is continuing to build complementary resale knowledge bases and web support services.