NextGen Launches

On March 21, 2011 Diana Nazelli of Chagrin Falls Ohio, owner of NextGen Resale Systems, LLC, announced the launch of NextGen, a business specifically created to support independently owned children’s resale businesses, be they start-up or in current operation. Nazelli stated the driving force behind NextGen’s enterprise is to provide operational consistency and processes, introduce efficiency with inventory intake/purchasing/display, and encourage a crisp colorful retail environment, all of which can pave the way to higher profits.

NextGen’s systems have been bolstered with the help of one-time owners of franchised children’s resale stores with decades of experience in the field, and a wonderfully creative and accomplished technical team. The NextGen Knowledge Base provides a comprehensive guide, and the POS, a solid business system to address every level of resale/retail operation from site selection and store design, to resale quality control, employee management, and more.

Independent does not have to mean alone said Nazelli, consulting with NextGen takes the guess work out of children’s resale operation, We are the silent business aid that allows independent owners what’s needed to profit and grow. For more information visit to read about independent children’s resale ownership or to take a tour of NextGen’s POS.


If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an interview with Diana Nazelli, please contact Diana @ or call 440-391-8911