The System

System Metrics

The NextGen Pricing System suggests the best price at which an item of apparel or accessory will sell.  It’s perfect for training new buyers and extending buying responsibilities while assuring consistent pricing.  The suggested pricing operates seamlessly with the Liberty 4 POS; suggested prices appear automatically upon entry of the item (category) and brand.  A quick click of the POS  button and online pricing pages appear allowing buyers to calculate or double check suggested prices.

The women’s fashion industry is wonderfully dynamic with styles and brands coming and going, growing in and out of favor.  Favor means value, the measure of which is the price customers are willing to pay.

The NextGen Women’s Fashion Pricing System tracks these prices using inventory sales data from a select number of successful consignment shops over a period of years.  It is designed to suggest the price at which, and price range within which an item can be expected to sell within sixty (60) to ninety (90) days, 75 days on average.  The user is then guided through a secondary (optional) appraisal process to refine the price within the range.  The price decided is a function of brand, composition, style, quality, supply and demand.

A Consigning and Pricing Guide is provided to help users make the most of the application.  Because brand-values and prices are ever-changing, prices are updated at least once a year.  User friendly utilities are also included such as that supporting the conversion of Euro to U.S. apparel and shoe sizes.

System Installation

The NextGen Pricing System is a proprietary application.  It runs exclusively on the Liberty 4 Point of Sale (POS) software, developed and supported by ResaleWorld.  The user must currently be running, or have already purchased and installed, the Liberty 4 POS as explained below.

There are three (3) basic steps involved in the purchase and installation of the NextGen Pricing System

1. Payment and EULA approval.  The owner(s) render payment ($999 for the pricing system and $149 for the annual update and support), read and agree(s) to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA).  Begin on the Order Page of this website,

2. Purchase, upgrade or update to Version 4.1c of Resaleworld’s Liberty 4 POS software.

A. New Liberty POS Owner(s): purchase and install Liberty 4 from Resaleworld

B. Current Liberty POS Owner(s): Update Liberty 4 to Version 4.1c

i.    If you are running the current Version of Liberty version4.0, Go to your account> Support Center > Software Download. Download and install the latest update 4.1c.

ii.    If you are not running the latest version, Request an upgrade Once you have requested or purchased the upgrade and you are approved, you will be able to log into your ‘’ account and download the file as described in the above step.

3.    Install the NextGen Pricing System.  NextGen installs the Pricing System remotely.

A. New Owner(s): Schedule the installation on line.  Installations can take up to 30 minutes and must be scheduled at a time when the Liberty 4 POS will not be in use.

B. Current Owner(s):

i.    Run the Liberty 4 ‘Category List Report’ and Sales (Inventory) Report per NextGen’s emailed instructions.  Based on NextGen’s report analyses…

                                        ii.    Plan with NextGen how best to integrate NextGen categories, brands and prices with those currently in use.

iii.    Schedule the installation on line.  Updates can take up to 30 minutes and must be scheduled at a time when the Liberty 4 POS will not be in use.

 System Training and Support

Training.  Training on “how-to” use the System is done at the user’s request at the time of, or shortly following System installation.

User Guide.  Copies of the NextGen Women’s Fashion Consigning and Pricing Guide are provided in:

  • Printable form — a copy is emailed just prior to installation and
  • Online– It serves as an online help tool.  To access it,
    • Enter Guide in the Category field of the Add items Screen
    • Press

Ongoing support.     NextGen:

  • keeps the links to the online Retail Price-check pages and other pages (thousands of them) current,
  • updates the Brand List, Brand ratings, and Suggested Resale Prices annually.

To Schedule a Demo or an Installation, Click Here.