Women’s Fashion Resale Pricing System

Women’s Fashion Resale Pricing System
Release Date: July 1, 2013

Boston, MA, June 27, 2013– Announcing the coming release of the NextGen Pricing System. The System suggests the highest price at which an item of apparel or accessory will sell to the mutual benefit of the consigner and shop. It works against the cautionary tendency of unsure staff to pare prices, leaving money on the table. It’s perfect for training new buyers and extending buying responsibilities while assuring consistent pricing. It operates seamlessly with the Liberty 4 POS; suggested prices appear automatically upon entry of the item (category) and brand. A quick click of the POS button, and online pricing pages appear allowing buyers to calculate or double check suggested prices.

We anticipate a heavy demand for this application by existing owners as well as new, says John Ashbaugh, CEO. Experienced owners have been quick to see its value as evidenced by the many inquires we’re already fielding based on word-of-mouth alone.

This quote from a husband of one of the store owners piloting the application captures the System’s value rather well: “…yesterday rather than just bitching I could actually go into the system, input an item and feel confident in my pricing. Additionally we have a cpl part timers that have been terrified to price items….with this system it will now take the load off her and most importantly I’ll have a happier wife!!!!

Wish we would have had this from day one… “

NextGen Resale LLC is a resale service bureau founded in 2011. NextGen provides Boston clients with what they need to know to open and grow successful resale operations, outfitting them with the best systems, services and support available today. In addition to its web-enabled POS pricing system, NextGen offers an extensive online knowledge base, a complement of marketing, operating and reporting tools, web platforms and web services configured specifically for owners of resale and consignment operations. To learn more, visit nextgenresale.com.

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If you would like more information, please contact John Ashbaugh, CEO at 1-855-MY-NEXTGEN (1-855-696-3984) or email at info@nextgenconsign.com.